Should You Replace Your Old Sod With New Sod? Yes For A Great New Lawn

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Landscaping to replace old sod with St. Augustine and Floratam

Tree Tech Pros was out last week in Viera in Rockledge replacing old sod with new St Augustine and Floratam sod. The reason sod rip-out was because an old fence and patio paver area was run down there was no existing grass. This type of job is also known as a landscape rip-out job because the objective is to clean up a customer’s yard from old grass that has died or been to worn out, make the grass look brand new again.

Why tear up old sod?

Exposed soil ready for new sodThere are various reasons one could have for deciding to tear up their old lawn and lay down some new sod. Some of the times there isn’t even old sod down, but instead just an area that’s been so worn down that there’s nothing left but dirt, rubbish or large growing weeds. At other times laying down new sod can be a part of a greater project like fixing grading issues, light construction jobs or home upgrades.

You could even find that the dirt your lawn lays on has become barren and needs to be amended with the right fertilizers so it can support foliage and vegetation.

Whatever the reason for laying new sod, the main reason will always be to better beautify the area of your yard and start fresh again.

You can watch us in the video below for a quick rundown of the steps taken for this kind of work and the beautiful end results. If you’re interested visit this page for a list of the tree services and landscaping work we provide!


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