Watch An Oak Tree Removal And Stump Grinding Job Live In Action

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Wide angle view of large tree to be removedSometimes customers want to get a live preview of the type of work we will do for them. With that in mind we’ve put together a video of a recent oak tree removal and stump grinding job we took care of for a home in Viera.

So in this case the home owner decided it was about time that the large tree in their backyard had to be cut down safely. It was looming over a large area of their backyard property so clearing out the area to give them more space was a good idea, not to mention because of it’s size, cutting it down was also a courteous to their neighbors too.

Also, sometimes when trees or their roots get too large they can wreak havoc on the sprinkler and septic systems. When that happens like in this case, removing the tree and grinding down it’s stump and roots as much as possible will usually remedy the situation.

The initial set up process

After scoping out the area surrounding the tree, and the actual tree itself, we typically strategize the steps we’ll take to cut down the tree the safest way possible. We want to completely avoid damaging anything directly under or near the tree; fences, sheds, pools, sun-rooms, parts of the roof, windows, other gardens and so forth.

If these preliminary precautions aren’t taken into consideration, falling branches (which are quite heavy) can easily damage anything underneath them. Avoiding damage is one of the main concerns of any accredited tree removal company, so you can rest assured that if we come out to your property for a removal, everything in your backyard is going to remain safe and intact.

You can watch the whole job in the video below and then continue reading for more information:

Piecing the tree down branch by branch

Securely preparing tree branches for cuttingOnce we establish a game plan for cutting down the branches, it’s time to rig the larger branches for cutting (especially the branches above the fence line) in conjunction with using our bucket-truck to give us lift so we cut off the smaller ones.

When the majority of the branches are cut down off the tree, we further chop up the larger branches, haul them off to our truck and remove them from the site.

Grinding down the roots and tree stump

Mulched result of tree removal and stump grind job As mentioned above, for this job we also ground down the tree stump and roots, and left behind a healthy mulch.

Mulching is a process that adds vital nutrients to the soil, and makes the area quite fertile for future gardening projects.

Removing hazardous trees

If you believe you have what we call in the industry a “hazard tree”, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll come out and take a look at it for you. It’s better to be safe than sorry especially when bad weather is in the forecast.

Do you want to find out more about what kind of tree services we provide? Follow the link below and feel free to contact us for a quote today!

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